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2019-12-21 06:14:34 | Profile
I used to think this song was this shit

Raquel Ramirez

2019-11-08 00:31:37 | Profile
This song is my ringtone.

Ericque Adair

2019-11-05 04:47:12 | Profile
This song and band are generally awful.

Галина Пчелкина

2019-10-28 17:17:17 | Profile
Everyones naked in hell....

Alik S

2019-10-26 06:17:03 | Profile
Who came here from Kelly Eden’s recent Instagram story? Haha❤️

Concrete Tundra

2019-10-02 05:41:23 | Profile
This is still one of my favourite songs, in general and from ETF


2019-09-26 08:48:54 | Profile
Its so obvious to me and if your reading this and thinking the same thing then I dont have to comment anything else. Jesus pray

Carolina Contreras

2019-09-17 02:22:12 | Profile
Anyone else think they should combine the style of this album and Ungrateful then stick to it? Gone waay too poppy since then

George Nammour

2019-09-13 14:29:45 | Profile
my friend showed me this at a sleepover and i love it now oop-

Marie Sawyer

2019-09-12 12:09:58 | Profile
Sounds like Papa Roach with girls and background fucking. Wtf is this? Think his 3 yr old kid writes the lyrics

Peter Höfler

2019-09-04 01:30:42 | Profile
perfect for the 2020 tour


2019-08-31 15:33:01 | Profile
Kelly eden was the only upside of this video. The only genuinely nice person in the band is the drummer. The music literally has gone to shit since Ronnie left the band. Want to hear some actual talent? Check out Falling In Reverse, any album. I can’t believe people are getting down with this garbage.