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Kerrie Bruce

2019-10-07 14:00:03 | Profile
This song is me in my life.

Masty c

2019-07-27 09:28:37
u are the best Mr

Masty c

2019-07-27 09:28:22
u are the best Mr


2019-07-27 04:00:51
I love your music NF u are the best


2019-07-15 09:29:51
I love it♥♡


2019-06-03 08:36:55
They call me Nf


2019-06-03 08:35:20
No comment nobody has ever n will ever come n sing like him he z my role model I've had a lot of quarrels at the iwin on his music with other he z great remember this is much best


2019-05-29 15:20:07 | Profile
this was posted a day before my birthday.


2019-05-23 07:17:31
I enjoy good music from you

Kia pee

2019-05-11 11:34:09
I love ur voice I love ur music

Diego George

2019-05-10 08:29:16
I love your music is the best

sichela comfort

2019-04-19 02:38:06
I enjoy your music

Pablo A.R.

2019-02-07 20:38:08 | Profile
This guy is a genius people


2019-01-16 05:03:50 | Profile
Give ya time to do whatever

Ativista Latina

2018-12-24 00:39:52 | Profile
who would dis like this i mean come on man

guineapig trash

2018-12-13 08:11:46 | Profile
CaptainSoap05 wya gay ass nigga

George Tunstill

2018-12-01 21:38:11 | Profile
This song was completely written for me...the old Me, the new Me, and Myself, who never knew Me.


2018-11-30 07:35:17 | Profile
There is not one artist today or even in the last 20 years that has written with that much depth of thought. In writing about the things that are important in life and important to our legacy and our existence, He is a true artist...

Mary Lou Barnwell

2018-11-26 11:24:36 | Profile
I love it your voice makes me happy and know that people with problems are not alone I very much love your music one day I will meet you in person and look into your eyes and see the person for made me happy